Information is available in abundance, out of the hands of traditional authorities, therefore is constantly contested. Businesses battle for a moment of attention from readers, listeners and mostly viewers.

Being precise, relevant and on-time is a must for any Business!

You need that precision and relevance in the language you speak, write and in the way you present yourselves, to be able to connect with your intended audience. 

We at ENGLIFIED enable you to speak, write and present yourself confidently.

Business English

Businesses and professionals need to engage the people around them on a daily basis. Getting people engaged in your idea or to participate in your journey, the information you use is vital.

Our expert trainers at Englified, help you to craft the effectiveness of your language skills and develop a precise and flexible arsenal of linguistic tools.

Walk into a conference room with confidence and walk out with results.

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Language services

When we write or talk about our business, we want it to have an impact on our audience. We want them on the edge of their seats. Writing an engaging and persuasive piece of text is a special skill. We, at Englified are an expert in this subject matter.

Our team of experts will help you arrive at the essence of your story and together we form that essence into an effective piece of writing.

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Every message you send out as a business has to be purposeful. Every piece of writing is particular to the audience that receives it. An instructional text differs in many ways from a tender document or a creative brief. Our highly skilled translations experts help you to derive the essence of your text from your native language to English and vice-versa.

Whether it is technical, commercial or even informal, we will match a translator to your texts character.

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We are proud of our centrally located country and its renowned education system. Dutch are known for their creativity whereby Water management system, recycling, urbanisation etc are some of the few areas where Dutch have done extremely well.

The Dutch government allows you to apply for an extension visa for 1 year after completion of your study to find a job or start a business.

Dutch universities offer excellent English programs. 90% people in The Netherlands speak English fluently which makes settling in and living in The Netherlands comparatively easier.

As per the following article published recently, the economy is booming. After the UK, Netherlands seems to be the upcoming base for global expansion plans.


We can guide and help you to find the right course of study in The Netherlands.


About Us

Englified is a boutique language training and services company located in The Netherlands and in Singapore. We take pride in providing customised English Language services primarily language proficiency, professional development courses and editorial services.

At Englified, you can learn and improve your English with our specially designed courses for beginners, intermediate or Business English.  

The focus of our teaching is proper English communication with the right pronunciation for professional or personal development. 




We at Englified, understand that you only have a few seconds to hold the attention of visitors to your website, or readers of your marketing material. We communicate your key messages so readers are compelled to learn more about your business. We cut the clutter to ensure that the most important messages are delivered through our clear and concise writing.

We will be glad to help you make a statement on your existing and prospective clients!